Author: Blaine Fergerstrom

Star-Advertiser Photos from 2018 Waimānalo Kanikapila

Photos by James Garrett, Special to the Star-Advertiser:

2018 Gabby Pahinui Waimanalo Kanikapila

Mahalo to the 117 musicians and dancers, 5 schools, vendors, government and community orgs, sponsors, practitioners, volunteers and 3,000 attendees who joined us for the

11th Annual Gabby Pahinui  

Waimānalo Kanikapila 

The music was great and the day was enjoyed by all.
A special Mahalo Nui to all of the (1400) volunteers who joined us for the massive clean up of Waimānalo Beach Hale,Beach Park and Pavilion, and the Beaches from Makapu’u to Bellows! 
Your kōkua, kindness, aloha and desire to help was unmatched. We could not have done it without you! 

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Gabby Pahinui Waimanalo Kanikapila 2018 Final Lineup

Here is the final poster with the final lineup for the upcoming Waimanalo Kanikapila:

2018 poster with lineup

2018 GPWK Shirts

2018 Gabby Shirts Now Available!

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Here is the 2018 Gabby Pahinui Waimånalo Kanikapila poster:

2018 GPWK Poster

2018 Gabby Shirt mockup

2018 Gabby Shirt Preliminary Design Mockup

Color is Safari Green. What do you think?

2018 Gabby Shirt mockup